Davide Swarup and the Cosmic Mermaids - Come with me now

from by Davide Swarup



I had few concerts in Oslo in July 2010 and I just got a good recording from it :)
We had two concerts a day for three days, inside a Mausoleum with natural reverb. No mic or speakers involved :)
The Mausoleum is all "affresco" from the artist that build it and now he is resting there.

It was such a nice atmosphere. For one and half hour the audience was lining down, receiving massage, someone was dancing :)

And everything was improvised, every show was getting better and better ;) This is from the last show:)

I had the big pleasure to perform with Annette Munster, Ma Lin Pettersen and Julie Sommer :)
I call them the "Cosmic Mermaids :)

And a huge thanks to Cristo, without him nothing would have been manifested :)
And to Terra Masala for mixing the sound.
Enjoy :)


Come with me now
and try to understand
see the future's waving at us
and reaching out her hand

just trust
then it all becomes so clear
that help is here, and somehow
that is what scares us the most

come with me now
then it all becomes so clear
we will reach for the source within us
and learn to love what we fear.


from Moves EP, released November 3, 2011
(lyrics by Annette Münster)
(music by Davide Swarup, Malin Pettersen, Julie Backer and Annette Münster)




Davide Swarup Arambol, India

Davide Swarup is often said to be a « soul player ». As a hang musician, a very unique one, he inspires and blows the mind away from thoughts or mental mechanisms.
Listening to his melodies is a way of meditating. Davide himself plays in a meditative state, allowing the music to come to him, without the ego or any kind of control interfering.

Source: www.shanqa.com/heaven-in-his-hands/
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